New service - is your on-line connection to the Belgrade Stock Exchange. To see how your portfolio is performing on the BSE all you have to do is subscribe to and after this you don't have to wait to be informed by others of how your portfolio is performing on the Belgrade Stock Exchange, as you are able to see that in real-time. is an internet based service of the Belgrade Stock Exchange which provides real-time data dissemination for all securities which are traded on the BSE. The subscriber can see what is occurring in the market, all price changes, executed orders, as well as existing bids and offers. There is instant access to the prospectuses of all quoted companies while for companies whose shares trade in the continuous market, the subscriber can view a day chart showing both price and volume.

The intend of developing service was to give to the widest possible audience, especially present and potential investors, the possibility of viewing, real-time data about securities traded on the BSE in a simplified and orderly manner so that they can make investment decisions both quickly and efficiently. is another major step of the Belgrade Stock Exchange towards increasing transparency of the Serbian financial market. The goal is to better inform all interested parties about the market, to demonstrate the benefits of trading securities on the exchange and to position Belgrade Stock Exchange as thy place to trade securities.

No matter how much money you possess, nor which securities you already own, it is our wish to give you all the necessary information that we can are able to in a prompt and efficient manner.

It's up to you now to make the decisions! Welcome to the Belgrade Stock Exchange!

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